Kamado Joe Ceramic BBQs – A notch above the rest

We reviewed this behemoth of a BBQ series last year  but with the summer season rapidly approaching, and its entourage of mild evenings, it is the perfect opportunity to add something a bit different to your BBQ armoury!

Selection of food
The Big Joe in action!

Let’s start with a quick lowdown of the different ‘Joes’ on offer:

  • Big Joe / Big Joe Stand Alone (both 24”) – Ideal for catering for serious numbers
  • Kamado Joe Classic / Kamado Joe Classic Stand Alone (both 18”) – our most popular
  • Joe Junior (13.5”) – A great little starter


Now, let’s take a look at how these steak-busting grills came to be…


Clay cooking equipment has been used by humans for thousands of years. They’ve been found all over the world, and some of the earliest found have been over 3000 years old. It’s thought that these circular cooking vessels are the beginnings of the modern Kamado – with the clay being replaced by ceramic materials.

All over the globe, this basic clay vessel has evolved in different ways; the ‘tandoor’ in India, the ‘tajine’ in North Africa and the ‘mushikamado’ in Japan; a ceremonial rice steamer. This was a clay pot, with a removable dome-like lid, and came to global attention during World War Two; discovered by the Americans.

The “kamado”, (Japanese for ‘stove’; literally ‘place for the cauldron’) has now become an irreplaceable part of modern cuisine – becoming a standard phrase for these types of ceramic cookers.

How does it work?

explained jowThe modern-day Kamado style cookers are made from a number of materials; ranging from terra cotta, to cement/lava rock, refractive materials and ceramic. The use of modern ceramic and refractive materials has reduced exposure to cracking- a frequent issue with the traditional mushikamado. As you can see; the Kamado Joe offers a high quality ceramic build, with both a primary and secondary heat control by means of vents.

How fuel does it use?

Kamdo grills are usually fuelled by varying types of charcoal. There have been some gas and electric fuelled Kamados, however the mainstay use charcoal. It is generally argued that ceramic build of the grill results in no flavour contamination (a metallic taste) of the food, and it is the same thinking that has led to lump wood charcoal being generally the charcoal of choice for Kamado cooking. This carries two main advantages over charcoal briquettes:

  • No additives found in lump wood charcoal – the additives found in charcoal briquettes can influence the flavour of the food
  • There is a comparatively small amount of ash left over from lump wood charcoal

The manufacture of lump wood charcoal is also more environmentally friendly than that of other charcoals – the technique of coppicing means you can grill and sear away without worrying too much about how your fuel was made.

What can you cook on it?

The Kamado can literally handle almost anything you would want to put on it. Not limited to grilling and smoking, the incredible heat retention of the ceramic Kamado Joe allows for temperatures up to 750 degrees F – more than enough for searing steaks. Its versatility means you can go all the way down to around 200 degrees F.

Robert-AlgerStill not limited to just this, the Kamado Joe can be used in any way that a traditional oven can be; with mouth-watering roasts and delicious baked foods all within the abilities of this BBQ grill. What else, you may be asking? Even a pizza is possible, using the Kamado Joe Pizza Stone. With your large temperature gauge, you can be sure never to lose track of things once they get fired up!


What do I get?

The Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System

Cooking Space graphicAllows you to cook on two different levels at the same time – doubling your cooking space. With the Grill Expander (sold separately) you can increase this to three levels – giving you 660” of cooking surface on an 18” grill – you simply cannot get this anywhere else!

Kamado Joe Heat Deflector

Allows you to create different heat zones inside the grill simultaneously. By using the deflector, you are able to cook with direct and indirect heat at the same time (perfect for vegetables and meat).

Folding High Density Polyethene (HDPE) Shelves

Capture from webpagte
Just some of the features of the Kamado Joe

Perfect heat resistant working space for your accessories and serving equipment. Easy to fold away after use.

Slide-out ash drawer

Taking the chore out of ash removal, the slide out ash drawer makes the clean up a breeze!

Heavy duty cart with locking caster wheels

Your Kamado Joe is a heavy piece of kit – manoeuvre it around with ease using its wheeled cart

Finally… Why Kamado Joe?

Hopefully this question has been answered in part already – but just in case:

  • A huge amount of extras provided as standard –save money in the long run by not having to buy accessories and extra kit to go with your BBQ grill.
  • Unbeatable moisture retention – the incredible insulating ability of the Kamado Joe means less total heat is needed to cook, and the shape circulates heat evenly. All in all leading to a faster cooking process with must less moisture loss.
  • Amazing price in its field
  • Most versatile grill out there; pizzas, steaks, game, fowl, nigh-on anything! With only a 15 minute start up time
  • Ultra-High quality build and parts – the Kamado Joe comes with a limited lifetime warranty on ceramic parts, 5-Year warranty on metal parts and a 3 year warranty on heat deflectors/pizza stones
Cooking in snow is snow problem!

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