Sous Vide Cooking with Andy

Sous Vide

Sous vide could bee seen by some that it’s had its day, a fad or flash in the pan, it’s certainly like many other new cooking modes; something that you have to understand, embrace and generally understand its capabilities.

With any item of equipment manufacturers are keen to tell you that you can do literally anything with it I even saw a recipie for cup cakes the other day!

For the uninitiated Sous Vide translates from French to mean ‘under vacuum’. It was first developed for the process of four gras which is something I will write up on a further post.

Essentially you require two items of equipment a vacum packer and water bath, there are two styles of VP and two styles of sous vide bath.
I’ll start with vac packs you can get the chamber style which essentially forces the air out then seals the bag and you can get the cheaper suction type which you guessed, it sucks the air out as with any cheaper model the down side is you need a slightly different style of bag “embossed” and you can not use this style of vac Pac with any fluids in the pouch. For the water baths there are circulation style bath that you emese the pouch In the bath and it keeps the water at a contestant tempreture using circulation to ensure no hot spots additionally you could have a stirred machine which hooks over the side of any pan or container.

FullSizeRendermmOne you have decided on what type of equipment you then need for you operation then get purchasing start to experiment like all items of equipment they are good as some things and not at others you can run your whole menu off this style of cooking but in my opinion you possibly need to focus on two areas to begin with.

First is the accuracy of cooking, you can cook for example a steak, chop or any single portion of meet for a long period of time those making the items tender but keeping it succulent and then finish cooking to order, this reduces preparation time speeds up service and makes for a more consistent product.

Secondly you can use SV to take cheaper and larger cuts of meat which are sometimes tougher that require greater cooking times, cooking under vacume for a long period of time will breaking down the mussel sinu making the item tender but again due to the nature of cooking and accuracy of temperature this will not over cook the product.Sous Vide

There are lots of other uses of SV as you get used to the process and many sites with recipes and opinions which I hope to explore in further blogs.

Andy Mumford


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