Tuna, Prawns and Mussels

One of the things I love about living in this area of north Essex is the coast line. Winter or summer I love going to the coast, and Brightlingsea is a favourite of mine with good coastal walks and Terry’s fresh fish van always parked up on the front down by the hammer head.

What did I fancy for dinner ? Obviously fish, but what? He normally has a good variety sea bass which is a favourite and the cod is always good but although not caught locally I just fancied some Tuna. Terry had a lovely large piece of tuna meat he cut a nice thick steak; I picked a hand full of raw King prawns and some local mussels along with some Sanfire.

Earlier on that day I had been out on the water in my sons new rib so I was nicely chilled and looking forward to a bit of home cooking. Once back in Colchester I washed the prawns and mussels and made a rub of coriander seeds, pepper corns and sea salt, ground in my pestle I sprinkled over the Tuna and then placed into a hot Pan for a couple of minutes each side. I then placed in a warm oven to rest and carry on the cooking, before placing the silver grey raw prawns into the pan with a crushed clove of garlic. Once they had turned pink I added the mussels, some white wine, chives from the garden and lastly some Crème fraîche which with a shuffle and a stir coated the seafood and turned a beautiful salmon pink colour

IMG_3886IMG_3889Dish now ready I served with the Sanfire some baby courgettes, sweetcorn and a couple of baked potatoes. If I’m honest the rub was a little stronger that I anticipated and the tuna a bit rarer than I normally like but it was still fabulous, the tuna was wonderful and I love the combination of the prawns and the mussels

A great meal and a good end to a nice day

Andy Mumford




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