Alfresco with Kamado Joe.. In the snow!

joe in the snowClimate change crews up on us in a variety of different ways, we seem to have the wettest months on record; the coldest days and the driest summers.


Just when you think you have experienced every extreme; on January 14th when all the weather forecasters are predicting a short snap we get an online order for a Kamado Joe “Big Joe” BBQ. Delighted of course at receiving an order like this but somewhat surprised that someone is looking to get the charcoal out and start to cook Alfresco.


Now having said all that there is a strange sort of karma that hit me and I found myself strongly drawn to want to uncover the kamado and spark it up for another season, with the cold snap correctly forecast I resisted the temptation. But I do think it’s time to start slow roasting, smoking, BBQing once again so just take this as a taster of what is to come as I can’t wait to spark the old girl up again and taste the delicious slow roasted pork and hot smoked salmon.



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